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Reenvisioning a Student Mental Health Support Line

Faced with the potential loss of funding, a  free confidential support line providing professional counselling, information and referrals for mental health and well-being to post-secondary students sought help.


Transformation by Design was engaged to develop the service vision for the next generation of a mental health and addictions helpline that would secure funding and support significant service enhancements. First, we facilitated the dialogue across the four disparate agency partners to resolve conflicting objectives for next generation service development. We then co-created a shared vision of a new service pathway that resolved partner concerns, garnered agreement and established clear role-responsibilities for all agency partners.

Transformation by Design then ran next generation service design workshops and helped to establish a new foundation of trust and cooperation across the agency partners. The result was a shared vision and strengthened relationships for transforming the helpline service and a secure commitment of multi-year external funding.

Case Study | Change

Case Study | Change

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