Business Model Design

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Orienting your Business Model Value


Value is in the eyes of the beholder

What happens when all that you know about business competition and strategy gets thrown out the window? The current rationale of how your organization creates, delivers and captures value, your business model, will not last forever. The status quo is under attack as the business constraints and assumptions of the past are increasingly invalidated by digital technologies and evolving customer needs that are enabling new business models to deliver new value to customers in innovative ways.

Reorienting your business model

Transformation by Design helps you methodically revisit the assumptions and constraints that underpin your current business model to formulate your strategic response. It begins by asking what forms of value your organization creates, both today and in the future. We help you to evaluate your current and aspirational business models and the kinds of value and relationship you intend to provide to your stakeholders. Looking beyond the current wisdom, we identify new sources of value so that you can adapt your business model accordingly.

Go beyond business as usual

The output is a business model designed to deliver new and improved value propositions that identifies what parts of the value chain to transform.  Exploiting opportunities to rethink your business model as required to create new value and transform the customer experience will keep you ahead of the crowd.   Rather than business as usual, in the digital age you need to search out a new and improved business model ahead of start-ups and other incumbents.

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