Business Motivation and Program Logic

Practices and Methods

Committing to the Transformation Journey


Begin with the end in mind

It’s often said that if you don’t know where you are going then any road will take you there.

While no common course of action to business transformation exists, it is increasingly clear that not articulating your intended results at the start of your journey is one of the biggest factors in failed initiatives. Whether your change is internally or externally driven, to be successful your transformation must be anchored in understanding the value your organization intends to create by answering one fundamental question, why?

Tap into your collective intelligence

Transformation by Design helps you engage your talented human capital to establish what is motivating your enterprise and identify the relevant goals and outcomes to drive change. Using leading business design practices, we facilitate assessment of the opportunities and challenges you face, fill any blind spots and envision the future state benefits to be achieved. By identifying the most beneficial outcomes for your stakeholders and capturing your business transformation decisions and rationale we help you to understand and explain your motivations.

Clarify your destination

The output is a reference model for the future in the form of clearly articulated business motivation or program logic that explains the ends to be achieved and the performance to be attained. This is also the starting point for identifying strategic priorities to achieve the intended results. Realizing these priorities may require rethinking your organization’s business model or underlying capabilities to create and deliver the value required. But without first understanding and describing your motivation for change you risk a transformation journey fraught with peril.

Call us to tap into your collective intelligence. We’ll create organizational alignment on the few vital things that matter.