Organizational Capabilities

Practices and Methods

Leveraging Capabilities


Invest for advantage

Capabilities describe what your organization does to create value, but not all capabilities are of equal importance. Investing in the right capabilities and assets to accelerate your transformation and work more effectively underpins any business model change. For example, increased business agility and digital capabilities like data analytics, are now even more critical to achieve your goals and succeed in a continually changing and digital business landscape.

Cut through complexity

Transformation by Design helps you identify those capabilities most relevant to your transformation scope. We'll assess your current capabilities to identify gaps and highlight strengths and weaknesses in the context of your transformation. By classifying capabilities to inform your change priorities we'll help you to mitigate the complexity inherent in transformation by  leveraging capabilities as the focal point for problem analysis, strategic planning, investment determination, and initiative funding.

Understand what to change

The output is a prioritized capability heat map that provides executives, planning teams, and steering committees a way to communicate and align on “what” must be resolved without initially needing to delve into the details of “how”. 

Call us to tap into your collective intelligence. We’ll create organizational alignment on the few vital things that matter.